This salad was invented to save the inn from fights and damages from drunk people after the revolution. In 1918 chef Aristarkh Prokoptcev introduced this salad calling it symbolically B.A.C.D., which meant “Boycott and Anathema to Chauvinism and Decadence”. This abbreviation is Russian sounded as “shuba” – furcoat, and this name become so close to public. The red color of the beets in this salad symbolized the red flag of the revolution, and the herring and potatoes were a classical proletarian snack. Visitors ordered a new salad, supposedly were drinking less, did not fight and were happy.

Old-timers say that the salad "herring under the fur coat" began to appear on Soviet tables in the second half of the 60s of the 20 th century and only by the middle of the next decade became a mass salad.


1/2 lb (200 g) smoked herring fillet

1 boiled carrot

1 boiled beet

1 apples

1 onion

2 cups mayonnaise

parsley greens

dill greens




Chop herring fillet.

Cook beets and carrots separately until ready, then grate them. Peel the apples and grate them as well.

Dice onions.

Put half of the chopped products in a deep plate in the following order: beets, carrot, onion, apple, herring. Spread some mayonnaise on each layer. The rest of products should be put in the plate in the reverse order. Let it cool down in the fridge before serving.

Decorate with some greens.