Would you like to taste something from a Tzar's table? This is one of the most favorite delicacies – crunchy and juicy with golden color cutlets, so yummy. This dish is also world-famous as this recipe was printed in gastronomy books. Pushkin also wrote about them “Dine in Pozharsky inn in Torzhok with fried cutlets and then go away glad and easy”.

The recipe was developed in the beginning of 19 century by Evdokim Pozharsky, owner of the inn in Torzhok town right on the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg. They say, that when Tzar Nikolay I tasted those cutlets he ordered to include them in the Palace’s daily menu. Pozharsky and his daughter Daria were called many times to St. Petersburg to cook this dish for Russian Emperors.

Special secret of these cutlets is in the frozen butter added into the minced chicken meat. Butter melts by frying and makes them be so juicy and tender. Important detail is also in using pieces of dry white bread for pane instead of bread crumbs. These flakes do not let butter flow out and become crunchy and nice gold when fried.




400 g Chichen meat

200 g onion

100 g white bread

100 ml 20% cream

80 g butter

200 g white breading

Salt, pepper, melted butter



Soak bread in cream.

Sauté onion on butter and cool down.

Grind meat, onion and bread together and cool down in a fridge.

Shread butter and add to the mince meat. Put into the fridge again for some time.

Cut the brown sides of bread out, slice bread and dice in cubes or stripes.

Take the mince out from the fridge, make cutlets with your hands, put into bread stripes and fry in well preheated pan with melted butter.

As soon as cutlets reach it’s golden color, put into the oven, preheated up to 200 C, for 15 minutes.