If you live in Moscow there is more that our school can offer you.

Apart from Russian cuisine cooking classes and market tours you could arrange the children’s party or even a corporate event for your company in English.

We organise English speaking catering, cooking classes in your office or home, private cooking classes to improve your cooking skills in any area.

For expats

We have group cooking classes for expats, including:

  • Georgian cuisine class
  • Uzbek cuisine class
  • Pastry and Desserts
  • European cuisine (Italian, French and Spanish)
  • Asian cuisine (Pan Asia, Chinese, Indian, Thai)
  • Learn to cook (general base course)
  • Base course on Russian cuisine

These are closed groups,  so you will not find them in our timetable. We are forming groups when there are enough participants for the classes.

Please contact us to request the full description and sign in to the waiting list.